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Workshops and Presentations

We will offer hands-on workshops and classes on various topics to include the hands-on and easy-to-follow instructions on some basic and intermediate topics. Each participants will leave with a basic understanding of the subject matter and will take home products made in class or some materials or products to use at home. Expect to have a fun time and learn new technique or skill. Open-Pollinated Free Seeds will be provided to all participants in garden-related workshops.,

Workshops are priced per person. If your group would like to have any of the presentations done at one of your gatherings I can give you a group price based upon the number of attendees. Overall my per hour charge for groups per hour is $100.00 for groups under 50. Groups over 50 is $200.00 flat rate. This covers the cost of printing, speaking and travel costs.

The only workshop where I limit participants is the DIY Assembly-line: Natural Basics – Bath and Body on a Budget. The maximum class size for this workshop is 20 participants. All supplies are provided.

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